Clean Britain returns for its 26th year

Clean Britain supports and recognises the work of local authority street scene teams and community volunteers in keeping our public places and spaces clean and safe, for everyone to enjoy.

Entering its 26th year, the 2015 Clean Britain Awards has now evolved into a two-tiered system. The first is the Clean Britain “Scheme”, which is free to all local authorities and includes a monthly Clean Britain newsletter, as well as access to a communications toolkit to help engage with the public and promote their involvement.

The second tier is the option to become a Clean Britain Member, which provides access to the prestigious Clean Britain Awards, specialist street-scene network, and tailored events and workshops throughout the year.

Government Resource Minister Dan Rogerson MP supports the 2015 Clean Britain Scheme:

“The appearance of our streets and public spaces can have a direct impact on how safe and comfortable we feel, and so we owe a great deal to the people who work hard to maintain and keep our communities clean. The CIWM Clean Britain Scheme is a great opportunity to recognise and support people whose efforts are often overlooked, as well as celebrate their successes in this important activity.”

We’re delighted that so many local authorities, private companies and community groups have signed up to Clean Britain already but we want to encourage as many people and groups as possible to take part and to learn from each other.

Become a Clean Britain Member today and get access to a valuable package of benefits including  entry into the prestigious annual awards.

New for 2015 - monthly community awards (with prizes) and guardians of public spaces award (for anyone who manages a public space).

For more information please email or call 01604 823338.